Our service: Commissioning, maintenance and repair

We want you to be satisfied with our systems at all times. That's why we offer service for all our products far beyond delivery - even at your site.


Your request – our service


After you have installed and electrically wired your Kubota Brabender Technologie equipment, our qualified service technicians will commission it and train your employees in the professional operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Spare parts

In our international subsidiaries, we have large stocks and high availability for spare and wear parts for all current devices. We deliver the right spare part to where you need it quickly and without complications. In this way, you avoid possible delivery delays, which result in unpleasant cancellations and unnecessary hassle. We will be happy to advise you in advance on the right spare part for your feeder - regardless of whether it is an older or a new model. Just tell us your device number and you will receive a new stock part from the extensive Kubota Brabender Technologie spare parts supply as quickly as possible. To always maintain the full performance of your devices, we recommend to use only original spare parts!

Email: spareparts@kubota-bt.com


In case of a necessary repair, experienced service technicians and specialists are at your service at the international Kubota Brabender Technologie service centers. We repair your defective component as quickly and economically as possible using the latest technology. In this way, we get production up and running again in the shortest possible time and help you keep downtimes to a minimum.


Kubota Brabender Technologie feeders and components are precision-crafted from high-quality materials and are known for their long lifespan. However, in order to ensure this, the equipment must be serviced regularly and wear parts must be replaced. Maintenance, which is carried out at fixed intervals, is offered to you at attractive conditions within the framework of demand-oriented maintenance contracts. At the same time, we carry out the documentation for your internal ISO 9001 audit. This way you keep your feeder technology and software always up to date and avoid unnecessary downtimes!


The technology for controllers, motors and drives is always advancing and also production processes change from time to time. A simple software update is sometimes simply no longer sufficient and a replacement of the electronic components becomes necessary. Modernization can also be planned strategically to increase production reliability with a more advanced and modern control system. The commissioning is carried out exclusively by our certified service technicians.


A retrofit is often profitable, because the costs are lower than those of a new purchase and still bring the feeder up to the latest state of the art. The electronic units in control systems are becoming smaller and smaller. Retrofit creates or even enables better compatibility within a network. Retrofit ensures the availability of spare parts for controllers in the future.


Our training courses will turn you into a qualified expert for the equipment you use. Depending on the group of participants, you can choose training courses with different focal points and prioritize electronic, mechanical or process engineering issues as you wish. We show you what you have to consider when using Kubota Brabender Technologie equipment to ensure optimal operation. Whether in our training center or at your site - our training courses are always tailored specifically to you and your individual requirements and are exclusive to your users.

International Service-Hotlines

Our Kubota Brabender Technologie branches will be happy to help you with urgent technical questions or spare parts needs.